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Programme Details

Spirit of India - Bollywood and Folk Music Concert, Urban Fusion, Thursday 18th May 2017, 19:30 Hrs


This evening, a group of international musicians will play German-Indian Bollywood and folk music. The Indian music has evolved over the last few years and even recorded elements from European and oriental music as well as from pop and rock. The group of Nishad Phatak would like to share their enthusiasm for this kind of music with the Munich audience. The program includes selected Indian music pieces from classical Indian, urban, folk, fusion and film music.

It is especially interesting to see how well Indian Music has merged with the world music - a proof that music knows no boundaries. The target group for this concert is the cosmopolitan, urban audience of Munich. Here is a list (relentless) of the artists who live in Munich with their countries of origin and instruments they play:

- Nishad Phatak - India (Vocals / Dhol / Percussions / Guitar / Keyboard)
- Sargam Sharma - India (Vocals)
- Shilpa Moghe - India (Vocals)
- Sheshu - India (Vocals)
- Pragoti Pran Bora - India (Electric Bass and Electric Guitar)
- Keng Jin Wong - Malaysia (Electric bass and mixing console)
- Prodyut Talukder - Bangladesh (Tabla)
- Natasha Mahanta - Germany / India (Violin)
- Suhrab Khoshbuie - Iran (Persian "Tar")
- Krishna Murali - India (Indian Flute "Bansuri")
- Amod Lagoo - India (Acoustic guitar)
- Hemant Phadke - India (Cajon & Percussions)
- Rajneesh Mangla - India (Cajon & Percussions)

Ticket Sale-Points

  •, Muenchenticket Sale Points, Tel: 089/54818181, Evening Counter

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