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Sunil Ramgopal Tatavarty, Vorstandsmitglied und Studentenvertreter


Es begann ...
a masters program and subsequent research career that took me throughout Germany in the process of which I developed a deep rooted admiration, not only for academia and science here, but for the work ethic as well. During this period I was also fortunate to meet many interesting people and observe and learn within close counters, German heritage, customs, culture and language, leading to an accumulation of many wonderful experiences.

Die GDIZ ist ....
an avenue to exchange stories and experiences to bring the German and Indian cultures closer towards better understanding and cooperation.

Die meiste Zeit ...
I am involved in teaching, researching and analysing new computational techniques at the TUM. With my time at the GDIZ I try to attend, to the best of my abilities, any queries regarding the various aspects of life in research and education in Germany. I also assist other members during cultural and social events.

In einer freien Stunde ...
you would find me chatting with people in a beer garden or reading a book at the Isar.

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